About Us

Nirkar Ltd. is an importer company that represents a portfolio of high quality spirit brands.

Nirkar Ltd. continuously strives to surprise and delight our customers with products that reflect our intimate understanding of their needs, aspirations and lifestyles.

We import products which we have exclusive rights to sell in the United Kingdom.
Nirkar Ltd. has a well-earned reputation for good service. The number one concern is the quality and condition of the alcoholic drinks sold to its customers.

Superior quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business results from a dedication to employee development; this, with a commitment towards ever increasing customer satisfaction.

Professional relationships cooperation and building long term relationships is the common goal in our successful relationships with our distributors and customers alike. By conducting business in a manner beneficial for everyone, with highly trained and specialized resources, we are able to deliver superior value added services.

Our vision is to be the best and most efficient importer of alcoholic products to distributors everywhere.